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Guild Profile
Guild’s level: Every guild’s level is 1 at the beginning. The level cap of guild is 10. When the guild has enough Silver and Crystal, its level will go up automatically. When a member completes one guild quest, the guild will gain some Silver and Crystal automatically. Guild members can also donate Silver and Crystal to their guild.
Guild rankings: You may check the top guilds in the guild rankings.
Guild Leader: The leader of a guild has the power to manage the guild, and can more possibly win additional rewards from some events.
Elder: Each guild can have a maximum of 2 elder members who can win some additional rewards from some events.
Notice: The leader and elder members of the guild are allowed to post a notice in the guild.
Position: Your position in the guild.
Contribution: Your contribution in the guild. You may spend Contribution points to buy various stuff from the guild’s treasury.
Guild Resources: The guild’s Silver and Crystal which can be spent in upgrading technologies.
Joining a Guild
Requirements for joining a guild
You have reached level 27.
You are not in a guild.
How to join a guild?
Simply click the “Guild” button to unfold the guild window, and then choose a guild of your faction to join.
Benefits from a guild
1.   Access to the guild quests
2.   Access to the guild events
3.   Access to the farming mechanism
4.   Access to the donation mechanism
5.   Promoting your nobility
6.   Access to the guild chat
7.   Access to the guild technologies
8.   Access to the guild’s treasury

While in a guild, you may spend your Contribution points to buy various stuff from the guild’s treasury.
As the guild’s level goes up, more kinds of stuff will be available in the treasury.