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Campaign and Nobility


The Nobility system is closely linked with many other systems. Promoting your own nobility will bring your many benefits.
1.      To promote your own nobility, you must meet the certain requirements.
2.      Whenever you promote your own nobility, you will receive certain rewards.
3.      With higher nobility, you can claim a higher salary each week.

1.     Level 21+ players can join the Campaign.
2.     By mopping up an opponent defeated by you in the Campaign, you will gain energy stuff, materials for creating item sets, other stuff, etc.
3.     Every day you can mop up at least 20 times in the Campaign. It will cost you 1 Campaign Token to sweep once. You will regain 1 Campaign Token every hour.
4.     It will not cost you any Campaign Token when challenging an opponent in the Campaign.
5.     You may earn Campaign Tokens from various events. You may also spend Bound Gold to buy Campaign Tokens.