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Chaos Land

1.    Level 37+ players can enter the Chaos Land.
2.    At the beginning, only the Time Gate is accessible.
3.    When conquering a fort, you can access the forts nearby and mop up in the fort to win a treasure chest which contains certain random stuff.
4.    You may send a thane to a fort conquered by you to increase the people’s support and output of Silver. Without a thane, the people’s support will reduce gradually.
5.    When occupying a fort for 8 hours, you should levy Silver from it as soon as possible because the number of Silver in it will not increase anymore unless you levy the Silver in it.
6.    Levying Silver from the fort reduces its people’s support by 40.
7.    The fort whose people’s support is below 60 can very probably revolt.
8.    The fort that revolts will be harder to be conquered.
9.    It will cost 1 Mobility to claim 1 chest. Mobility will reset at 12:00am each day. When hitting 5 levels, you will gain 1 more Mobility each day. For every 2 heroes you recruit, you will get 1 more Mobility each day, too.